What you need to know about the installation and configuration of the TV

What you need to know about the installation and configuration of the TV

In recent years, the installation of the TV on the wall, is gaining popularity. And in truth, the classic installation on a stand (TV stand), is inferior in popularity to a wall panel. It is the statistics now. The fact is that it has become very convenient and practical, and it is not so expensive either. The number of special brackets on the market is more than enough, and allows you to choose what is good for you. Mostly they can be with or without adjustment. There are also brackets Swivel (articulated) and rigid. Today, they can be selected for almost any parameter: destination, color, size, price etc. However, buying a bracket can be easy, but to mount it on a wall and attach the TV itself is another story.

At first, it is important to note that the bracket is in any case at least partially disassembled upon purchase. It can be even completely disassembled sometimes. Consequently, it is very logical from this that it must be properly assembled. Fixture to the TV itself is usually universal and consists of a package with a lot of bolts and washers that must be properly selected and fixed. Only these circumstances make it clear that the installation of the TV is not simple. However, this is not all.

Other issues deserve special attention

For example, it is necessary, depending on the weight and size of your TV, to choose fasteners to the wall. In that number, and depending on the material and thickness of the wall. It is necessary to determine the number, size and diameter of fasteners. And not as it seems to you right from your point of view, but as it should be! And take this words for it, even if something is in the kit this “something” still needs to be properly checked. Blindly rely on the good faith of the seller is clearly not worth it, especially in our time. When installing the TV you need to correctly markup. And after that, even more carefully and competently make holes for fasteners. First you need to make them the desired length and diameter at a minimum, and at the same time do not go through the wall and this is quite realistic. Especially when dealing with interior partitions. Sometimes they are also soft, which means that short dowels will not hold the bracket. It increases the risk of self-installation.

As a matter of fact, all the necessary tools should be available and you can hardly get along with an ordinary screwdriver with a household drill. In reality, most likely you will need: wrenches (set) of various sizes, screwdrivers (different), construction level, a set of fixing materials, an expensive drill, and a hammer. In addition to having a set of tools, you certainly need the appropriate level of knowledge and skills of their possession. Without knowledge you won’t be able to do everything correct.

The optimal location of the TV will help you comfortably spend your leisure time without harmful load on the body.

Before you hang the TV on the wall with your own hands, you need to understand how to do it correctly. It would seem a simple matter, but you need to approach it wisely. To install the TV on the wall with your own hands is enough to have basic skills of using a drill. Improper installation of the TV may be harmful to health resulting from uncomfortable posture or eye strain. It is necessary to avoid the wrong location of the TV, because in this case, a person will be able to watch TV only while lying down, and this is not recommended. So if you are not sure that you can handle it on your own, it’s better to ask tv mounting service nyc for some help.

At first glance, mounting the TV on a wall or ceiling looks like a simple operation. However, this operation requires knowledge, skills and a good tool. Do not forget about the cost of the purchased TV. If the LCD or plasma TV is damaged during or after illiterate installation with the help of dubious experts, then warranty on the TV will not save you.