What parts are the most susceptible to breakdowns in iPhones

What parts are the most susceptible to breakdowns in iPhones

IPhone is the most familiar attribute in the lives of many New Yorkers. Many Americans cannot even imagine their usual day without it. Unfortunately, even iPhones can eventually be broken, which can result from mechanical damage or other factors. In this article, we have collected several of the most probable reasons why your smartphone can be given to iphone repair nyc.

As you can guess the most popular breakdown of Apple smartphones – broken glass

In the absolute majority of iPhones (except for 3g and 3gs) glass is assembled with touchscreen (touch glass), this is due to the fact that in pursuit of smaller sizes and higher performance, this part (display + glass module) is manufactured as a single unit. Interestingly, in most cases, the sensor continues to work quite regularly and the question naturally arises: “change module or not change?” In fairness, you can see that if the crack is only one and small, you can continue to actively use your gadget without investing additional funds into it (people drive with cracked windshields), but if you are constantly struck by this lack, then you have to change it. To protect your iPhone from this breakage, it is advisable to use a cover (for example, a cover-book can protect iPhone from all sides, and the bumper can spring up a little when dropped, but will not save if the iPhone falls on an uneven surface) and a protective film (although it really saves from scratches). Also remember that not all cases are equally useful – the original ones last longer and hold a punch better, while their Chinese copies can fall apart pretty quickly and cause a fall if the device falls out of the loosened case.

The next position in our hit parade of failures is adequately occupied by a broken or badly worn body

It may simply scratch during use or be damaged after a fall. How can you protect against this scourge? it is very simple – most cases protect the case in the event of a fall, and the constant wearing of the device in a good case reduces rubbing and scratches to an absolute minimum.

Quite often, some iPhones can fail the trains, because there are many of them and they are subject to natural wear and tear

All buttons, sensors, microphones, speakers, cameras and connectors for iPhones are located on a particular cable.

Separately there is such a damage as the ingress of moisture and heavy blows

It turns out there is more in common between them than it seems at first glance: in either case, the device is damaged comprehensively, the motherboard can suffer, repair of iPhones can cost a lot of money, and no one will guarantee the stable operation of the device after it.

After several years of use, the battery, which is designed for a certain number of charges / discharges, fails

When a full charge of your mobile friend lasts half a day with average use, the diagnosis becomes obvious.

There is a problem of non-original network and car charging

Using them can damage the power controllers and / or the charging controller, with dire consequences, sometimes fatal. It was noticed that during the use of non-original charging, the devices were unnaturally heated and buggy (for example, the sensor braked)

Quite often, with small beats, there are problems with sound (in most cases, the interlocutor stops hearing you, or the sound is interrupted for a few seconds)

If replacing the bottom loop does not help, then it becomes obvious that the problem is in the Audio chip. You can check it this way – if during a conversation the microphone does not work or the sound is interrupted, but during recording a voice in recorder everything is fine – then most likely the problem is in the microchip. In such cases, it must be changed.