What companies use cloud computing?

What companies use cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of different services via the Internet. Cloud computing becomes more and more habitual. We email to each other via phones, store our data in the cloud, etc. Businesses moved their IT department into the cloud and use cloud solutions for own needs. We can say that cloud computing becomes mainstream both in personal and business life.

Cloud computing is provided by Managed Service Providers (MSP) like IT Svit, for example – https://itsvit.com/services/cloud-computing/. MSP can choose the best strategy for you and implement all the cloud computing processes to your company without losses and pauses at work.

If you still have doubts about whether to use cloud computing in your business or not, let’s have a look at the benefits you will have and at famous companies who already use cloud computing.

Why cloud computing is good or bad?

There are a few advantages and disadvantages to using cloud computing. The first common benefit of using cloud computing is cost-reduction. For example, you need a server for your website or application. At first, you need to buy a server or rent it. You might only need a part of server capacity but you’ll pay for all of it. If you will not use the whole server recourses at night, you will pay for it anyway. Cloud computing allows you to pay only for the capacity you use without overpayment.

The second important benefit is scalability. This benefit is toughly bound with previous. Scalability allows you to Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) meaning you can use exactly as many resources as you need. Remember our example with an application or website. If you have a lot of new users you need to buy or rent the second server. Cloud computing allows you to easily increase or decrease recourses you need.

The next benefit is security & disaster recovery. Cloud computing gives you the ability to keep backups and sensitive data without connection with physical storage. Thus, you’ll have access to your data from anywhere even if your internal systems fail.

As a result, all these benefits will increase the competitiveness of your business on the global market.

How many companies use cloud computing?

As you see, cloud computing is quite an efficient strategy for business. So, a lot of companies use it. What about famous companies who already moved to the cloud?

  1. Netflix. Movies & TV shows giant as nobody understands the benefits of cloud computing scalability. At the weekend night, Netflix accounts use nearly the third part of all North America Internet traffic. The peak of traffic falls at 10 p.m. but at midnight it goes down. Without scalability, the company would have losses.
  2. Apple. Apple has always been on the edge of technology, so it’s no wonder that the company uses cloud computing. The most notable case of use is Siri, the virtual assistant. Siri handles a huge amount of users requests in the cloud before giving the answer. Also, the cloud allows to continuously expand and adapt Siri’s abilities.
  3. Pinterest. This company uses cloud computing from the start. Pinterest is one of the most rapidly growing websites. Cloud computing allows this company to store a lot of users data, adapt to different traffic and at the same time keep the team small.
  4. Instagram. Like the previous company, Instagram uses cloud computing to handle user growth rate and attendant traffic growth. Instagram was firstly launched on a single server and in a few hours it was overwhelmed, so creators hadn’t any choice but to transfer application to the cloud.
  5. Xerox. The Xerox name is associated with paper-photocopy technology and cloud computing, in this case, seems weird. But Xerox keeps up with the times and gives users access to the printers via the Xerox Workplace Cloud.

Wrapup: why are enterprises adopting cloud computing?

We described what is cloud computing and how it is used by famous companies. As you see, cloud computing could make your business more competitive and make your internal processes more efficient. If you have doubts about the implementing of cloud services, you can see the examples of other companies who already successfully use it. If you decide to move into the cloud, you should refer to an MSP who will implement all the necessary services for you.