Treatment of parasites

Treatment of parasites

The realization that your body can be inhabited by parasites reaching several centimeters in length, or even 4 – 5 meters – is not the most pleasant fact. To get rid of uninvited guests, eating their host and spoiling his health, can help the best pills from worms for humans. But it is important to select them only together with a doctor. If you are looking for a reliable remedy against parasites, you can pay attention to this option

Unwashed fruits or vegetables from the garden, contact with animals, if you don’t wash your hands afterwards and touch the products with them, can lead to infection with eggs or larvae of different parasites. Most of these uninvited guests are helminths (parasitic worms) that infest the intestines or (less frequently) other parts of the body and parasitize there. Helminths are not only unpleasant, they can cause real damage to the body, provoking allergies, digestive disorders, disorders of internal organs (if they get into the lungs, brain or eyeball, in the muscles).

Of course, it is better to avoid helminth infestation, but this is not always possible. Part of the parasites can enter the body with the products – fish, meat, fresh fruit. There are more than 20 types of helminth infections, they differ in the type of pathogens, and, accordingly, for their elimination need their own, special pills from worms for humans.

Among human parasites, three classes can be distinguished:

  • roundworms (nematode class);
  • flatworms (trematode class);
  • tape parasites (cestodes class).

Different types of antiparasitic drugs can be effective against these worms, and it is important to identify the helminth beforehand, as well as determine its stage of development. These can be larvae (when the person is the intermediate host of the worm) or sexually mature individuals (if the final host). There are medications that affect only the larvae, and there are those that are effective against all stages of the parasite. Among the most common parasites are pinworms and ascarids, although broad tapeworm, different kinds of tethers (dwarf, porcine, bovine), and ankylostomes can occur.

Parasites can also be intestinal (living in the small or large intestine) and tissue (affecting the liver, kidneys, lungs or brain). Antiparasitic drugs mainly affect intestinal forms of worms, tissue worms are much more difficult to treat.

Why can worms appear in a person?

Helminth infections are parasitic infections, they mainly arise from violations of the rules of hygiene. Eggs or larvae of parasites get into the digestive system from dirty hands, they are especially common in fans of nail biting. Parents can get worms from their children, who often have ascariasis or pinworms. Rarely, the infection occurs from products contaminated with eggs or dirty water, as well as from dust with parasite eggs on the mucous membranes of the nose or throat.

What to do if you have worms? Many people, discovering worms in themselves, are embarrassed to go to the doctor and go to the pharmacy for antiparasitic drugs. But today there is a ban on the free sale of these drugs and this is very right.

Is it possible to treat worms by oneself? No, this should not be done. Anthelminthics are toxic, they can adversely affect digestion and kidney and liver function, and you need to be very careful with their intake. Your doctor will accurately determine the type of parasites and choose the most effective and safe medicine. You can buy the best medicines to treat parasites at Here you will also find many other medicines that you may need.