Refrigerator repair

Refrigerator repair

If you are looking for refrigerator repair at San Diego you have to find a specialized service center. You can go to the website of the company that deals with refrigerator repair at a professional level. This company carries out repairs at the client’s home, as well as in particularly difficult cases, they have an equipped workshop. This service center provides confident and quality service in all areas of the city. For complex types of repairs in the workshop has everything you need and such repair usually takes about 3-4 days. Usually, such repair is needed when looking for a leak, when you need to disassemble the entire lining of the refrigerator, and after its removal to seal all the joints and to make a diagnosis of the refrigerator in operation at least two or three days. 

We decided to describe typical problems, at which you will need to call a master. Some problems with the refrigerator you can fix yourself at home. If you have a problem that you can not cope with yourself – call specialists. Thanks to their extensive experience, they can identify the main types of faults on the phone and advise you. 

Water leakage from the bottom of the fridge

If water could not be detected in the refrigerator or freezer, but only under the fridge, there may be two reasons:

  1. The drain pipe has been exposed or the drainage tank has been damaged. Instead of accumulating in the tank, water gets on the floor. This problem often occurs if the refrigerator has recently been moved or pulled back and could damage the pipe. You can solve this problem yourself.  Inspect the back of the fridge if you need to unscrew the protective cover. Fix the retracted tube. If the tube or the drain bath is damaged, you may need the services of a refrigerator repair technician.
  2. On models with a freezer, the evaporator heater may malfunction. In this case, in addition to water from below, you will see a large layer of snow and ice on the freezer walls. You will hardly be able to fix such a malfunction yourself, so you need to call a master.

Water inside the fridge and from below

If you notice water not only on the floor, but also inside the freezer or refrigerator, there may be several reasons for different types of units.

  1. In the fridge, water flows from the freezer compartment. This malfunction may be due to a blockage in the drain hose. When water accumulates, it partially intends to “coat” and partially flows to the floor.  It is not possible to clean the drain hole yourself in all models of refrigerators.
  2. The fridge “freezes” the food, the water is in the box for vegetables, and water flows to the floor. The possible reason is that the door seal has worn out. From constantly penetrating warm air into the fridge, the ice melts and flows to the floor or the vegetable drawer. The gasket needs to be replaced. This procedure can be performed on your own.
  3. The fridge “freezes” the food, ice is formed, water on the floor. This can happen if the fridge has recently been moved and installed incorrectly. The door does not fit tightly, the unit operates in a reinforced mode, freezing the ice. Warm air from the door defrosts it, the drainage is fine and water is poured onto the floor. It is necessary to adjust the refrigerator installation level.

Of course, the customer can independently buy a spare part of the refrigeration equipment and ask the master to install it. However, there are several problems. First, it is possible only if the owner of the refrigerator competently carries out diagnostics and reveals the breakage. Secondly, if he can find the spare part. If you want to entrust this work to professionals, then go to