Modern production equipment

Modern production equipment

Rapidly developing small and medium-sized businesses encourage entrepreneurs to purchase specialized professional equipment. Production lines for manufacturing a variety of building materials can be purchased directly from the manufacturing company, it is much more profitable than buying products from distributors. All units are made according to the latest developments. An undoubted advantage is the customer service of the equipment even at the end of the warranty period.

Profile bending lines

One of the most popular areas of production can be called a profile bending line. Machines for the production of drainage systems are available for purchase at a reasonable cost at With the help of line-profile bending produce a small profile, and profiled flooring on a larger scale. Products can be a variety of configurations: round, square, shaped. Full automation of such equipment as a machine for the production of drain pipes, gutters, you can minimize the cost of staff. Service is possible with only one operator. This is quite a tangible savings to the budget of the owner.

Drainage system machines have a number of advantages:

  1. production of one-piece, monolithic finished products;
  2. no need to use expensive metal welding;
  3. the ability to bend the profile at any angle;
  4. parts of several varieties can be produced on one machine.

If you want to buy machines for the production of downspouts, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • capacity of the unit;
  • power consumption of the unit;
  • the maximum thickness of the processed metal;
  • how easy it is to replace parts and molds.

When ordering a non-standard model, think about all the technological needs to make sure there is no need to buy additional equipment.

Machines for making facades

Quality, lightweight, easy-to-use, reliable and safe machines are offered to customers at an affordable price. You can also find production machines for guttering.

The line for the production of siding, gutters and so on will allow you to organize your own business, steadily bringing income to the owner. There are comfortable terms of cooperation for each client. Price for the machine for the production of siding is fully consistent with the highest quality products. Used in the design of innovative technology to make even more reliable, high quality and safe equipment.

Equipment for the production of roofing

You can find equipment for the production of roof ridge, metal tiles, profiled sheeting, accessory elements. This line has many advantages, the main of which are mobility and compactness. It is also worth noting that machines are very easy to use. With convenient transportation, the equipment can be used directly at the construction site, which saves time and money for transportation. Here are just some of the advantages of this line:

  1. width adjustments can be made easily and simply;
  2. the possibility of working with a variety of materials;
  3. low weight, compact size, mobility;
  4. each side of the sheet can be rolled to achieve the optimum configuration;
  5. gripping the material is simple enough.

This line makes it possible to work with a variety of materials such as steel, aluminum and so on. With the help of machines it is possible to produce blanks of various lengths without violating the integrity of the original. Stangroup company offers to buy a machine for making semi-circular ridge, shingles, profiled sheeting and so on at a reasonable cost. So you can use it’s services to buy some really good options on the modern market.