Kitchen Units – “Kitchen Units” Cut Price Kitchens

Kitchen Units – “Kitchen Units” Cut Price Kitchens

About Cut Price Kitchens

Cut Price Kitchens are a supply-only online kitchen retailer and offer a wide range of kitchen cabinets, worktops and accessories at some of the most competitive prices in the UK kitchen market.

The Cut Price Kitchens website is very easy to use and all products can be added to the cart with just one click (as opposed to having to specify each individual component, which can often be the case).

Their products are targeted at those on a tight budget or seeking maximum value for money, such as buy-to-let landlords, developers and first-time buyers.

Most orders are dispatched within 5-10 days on their own transport and benefit from fixed price delivery costs.

Cut Price Kitchen Stats

Market Position: DIYKitchen Unit Quality: Good – Very GoodPrice Fitted: n/aSupply Only: yes

Designer Training: yesDesigner Qualifications: in-house certificationDesigner Status: employedCommission rate: zero commission

Cut Price Kitchens Review – Cabinets

Cut Price Kitchens are available in three ranges of cabinets, the low-budget “Cheap Kitchens” range, budget “Value Kitchens” and the high specification “Premium Kitchens” – although in reality we found two of the three ranges to be very similar in terms of quality.

The Cheap Kitchens cabinets are built in 15mm MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) and are constructed using cam and dowel fittings.

The quality of the fixtures and fittings is good-very good. Unusually in a low-budget range, drawers are soft closing.

Melamine and edging quality is average-good and for this reason we prefer the marginally more expensive Value range.

Supplied flat-packed.

The Value cabinets are manufactured in the UK from 18mm MFC and are built using industry standard cam and dowel fittings.

Fixtures and fittings are of a surprisingly high quality for a budget range beating many larger companies mid-range offerings. What makes these cabinets near-unique at this price point is the 18mm MFC rear to the base units (8mm rear on wall units).

The cabinets are only supplied in white, although optional colour coordinated side panels and plant-on panels are available.

Good review ikea kitchens:

Supplied flat-packed.

Cut Price Kitchen’s Premium cabinets are built from a similar specification MFC to their value units, with the added bonus of being available in colour coordinated melamine facings.

Fixtures and fittings are of a very high quality, mostly German manufactured, with a large choice in internal fitting options.

Again, Cut Price Kitchens do something fairly surprising in that they offer a “Premium Lite” range of cabinets, which are available with any of the 28 door styles.

These Premium lite cabinets are manufactured from a high grade 15mm MFC and are available in a more limited white or beech colour choice. Their fixtures and fittings are all top quality and the 15mm board is tougher than many manufacturers 18mm offerings.

Supplied flat-packed, with a ready-assembled option.

Our Choice?

We love the premium doors but with the 15mm Premium Lite cabinets.

We priced up several combinations and found them to be 15-35% cheaper than lower specification cabinets at 3 leading suppliers.

Cut Price Kitchens Review – Doors

Between the three cabinet ranges available, Cut Price Kitchens offer 45 door styles covering the full spectrum of tastes from the modern and minimalist to the period property or country cottage.

On the specification front, the doors range from the basic slabs of chipboard covered in melamine or foil, to the sublime – hand-finished solid oak.

These variations in specification are clear in the pricing structure and the groupings of Cheap, Value and Premium ranges.

Some of the melamine or plastic edging on some of the Cheap ranges was variable in the quality of its application on the doors we examined, but quality of the Value and the Premium ranges is in the high to very high range with some oak doors scoring excellent.

Our Choice

We liked many of the Premium ranges, in particular the high gloss and royal shaker oak doors.

The quality of these doors is most clearly demonstrated by the fact that they are also being sold through many of the UK’s leading independent kitchen specialists under the Lakes Kitchens brand.

What’s perhaps less well known is that one large retailer – Tesco Kitchens – sells these doors through a partnership with Mark Two Distributors. What’s really interesting is just how favourably Cut Price Kitchens compares like-for-like!