How to order a pet portrait

How to order a pet portrait

You can order a pet portrait in two ways: a portrait from a photo or a portrait from life. Specialists will help you to choose the right style and technique for your pet portrait. You can calculate the cost of a pet portrait with the help of a manager of your chosen company or by contacting the artist directly.

What you should know about the pet portrait

Animalistics is a genre of painting depicting animals. Since time immemorial animalistic paintings were valued for their liveliness, pictures enlivened the space. Man has always reached out to nature, no matter how fenced in by walls. Animalistics became famous for still lifes, battle scenes of hunting, and ceremonial portraits of animals with their masters. The gracefulness of animals delights the viewer, and the gazes of pets from the portraits penetrate into our souls.

Professional artist is a master of a wide profile, can paint a portrait of an animal in any manner, direction, style of the fine school. Portraits written by such a master are of artistic, spiritual, ideological and material value. If you order a portrait in oil you’ll get a guaranteed work of art in the genre Portrait. If you order a portrait of an animal in the author’s style, you will get quality professional performance and individual vision of the artist. Such a portrait will be a profitable long-term investment of your money. An author’s portrait is 100% a work of art, and a work of art gets more expensive over time.

To order a portrait of an animal, the first thing you need to do is to calculate the cost of the portrait and call the specialists. Decide on the style of the portrait, the number of figures in the future picture, the size of the image, think about what you want to see the portrayed pet (just a portrait, full-length or possibly in motion), you can choose the background for the future portrait. Ready portrait of an animal will look more advantageous in a correctly chosen frame, which our specialist or the artist will help you to choose. You can order pet portraits from nature or from a photo.  But it’s easier to choose a really good company in any city and send a photo of your pet. It will give you an excellent result.

In addition, many pets do not like to pose for a long time, so a portrait photo is the best solution. At this point you can find specialized companies or professional artists who are willing to provide you with pet portraits at an affordable price.