How to make sure that the online casino is fair?

How to make sure that the online casino is fair?

Honesty control – ensuring the development of the game process in a random scenario. With the help of modern methods of control there is no opportunity to intervene in the outcome of gambling. If the online casino uses the honesty control algorithm, players can participate in the formation of random sequences. There is an opportunity to make sure that the results of each round are fair and transparent.

The integrity control system is designed to enhance the image of online casinos. Its presence distinguishes reliable gaming websites for games from unscrupulous virtual institutions. After all, many players do not trust online casinos and want to check whether this platform is reliable. For this, certain algorithms for checking the integrity of online casinos have been created. They can reliably determine this parameter.

What is the essence of the work of cryptographic algorithms? Before the start of the game of slot machines, online roulette, poker, keno or other entertainment, a series of results of subsequent rounds is created. The results are shown to the user in text format. Before the start of the game, the player does not see a series of results. It is processed by a 128-bit MD5 hash algorithm.

The need to use honesty control

Many players do not trust online casinos, as they cannot control the chance. For example, in a real institution a visitor sits in front of a real wheel and sees the dealer. In online establishments, animation is used for more realism. Some users doubt that the ball stops at random numbers. Naturally, there is reason for doubt. Online casinos use honesty control to confirm their reliability.

At the heart of the module are mathematical calculations that allow the player to control the randomness of the combinations. The player can generate the results of the next attempts in advance and be 100% sure that the game is fair. Exclude any manipulation institution. If you are looking for a reliable and honest online casino then try this one

Features of the work of honesty control

Before the start of the game process, drop-down numbers and combinations are generated. They are selected by a special software module – random number generator. RNG ensures the uniformity of the appearance of random variables during the game. A player may doubt in the chance of stopping the ball several times in a row on the red sector. But from the point of view of mathematical calculations, this is normal.

MD5 algorithm operation

The mathematical basis for monitoring the integrity of many online casinos is based on the well-known MD5 algorithm used for data hashing. This algorithm makes an imprint of data that can be used to verify information for authenticity. What is the essence of the MD5 algorithm? At the input receives a sequence of any length. To generate a print with a length of 128 bits, input data is used.


We illustrate the effect of the algorithm on an example. Our sequence: 30, 15, 26, 9, 27. For it, MD5 looks like this: 39aba75d4a9a158a065cfe59a8bab967.

When we change one digit, for example, 30, 15, 26, 9, 28, MD5 gets a new look. We get 50d36ab482aa148eb6d1f0a0b643b9d8.

When a player checks the footprint and the sequence, he can verify that the resulting footprint for the original sequence matches the result.

The history of the origin of the MD5 algorithm

The algorithm appeared in 1991. Its original purpose is to authenticate digital fingerprints. MD5 had nothing to do with gaming establishments. Over time, it began to be actively used to test the quality of online casinos and it became an indispensable tool.

Honesty control is one of the main arguments that online casinos use to attract new customers. This is an effective way. An honest game is provided for the player, and the casino receives its profits. The principle of operation of any online casino lies in the random number generator (RNG). It is used in all gambling.