How to choose the right pillow?

How to choose the right pillow?

Good sleep is the key to a full healthy life and normal health throughout the day. Of course, it is very important that a person has a comfortable bed, quality bedding and other bedding. But without a good anatomically suitable pillow you can not even dream about feeling well and in a good mood. Among the huge variety, which can now be found on the market, not every model is suitable for a particular person. So it is worth being careful when choosing and making it, being armed with information.

Varieties of pillows, selection parameters

Before you choose, remember what sleeping position you take most often? Different pillows are recommended for different positions:

  1. Pillow for sleeping on the side – the highest option, its height should be equal to the length of the shoulder. Improved models have a special notch at the bottom for the shoulder;
  2. Pillow for sleeping on back – soft and low, can have two levels;
  3. Pillow for sleeping on stomach – without ledges, the thinnest, especially if you like to put your hand under the pillow;
  4. Pillow under your neck for sleeping – a wave-shaped accessory, the more puffy part of which will provide optimal support for your neck.

When choosing a particular option, the individual characteristics and peculiarities of the future owner must necessarily be taken into account. But here are the common components of what pillows are best for sleep remain as follows:

  • The filler. Modern manufacturers offer a choice of pillows and blankets from two large groups – with a natural filler like feathers or down, and with artificial. Allergic people should refuse natural models right away. But they excel in drawing out moisture and can have a good heat output. Synthetic fillings are optimal for orthopedic functions, they are great for holding the neck and head. But in order to compensate for the disadvantages of both groups, it is better to buy a model of the combined series. It will not be too soft, hypoallergenic and easy to wash;
  • The rigidity of pillows for sleeping. The common belief that the pillow should be soft and pleasant to the touch for the most part is strictly wrong. Just soft pillows are one of the most common causes of headaches in the morning and first half of the day. The right pillow for sleep should be of moderate stiffness so that it does not squeeze the muscles, but also provides them with normal support;
  • The shape of pillows. Familiar to everyone for a long time have become usual square and rectangular models. They allow any posture and help to relax. Ergonomic models are also gaining popularity. They are characterized by a small notch under the back of the head and the bolster under the neck. But the best option would be exclusively for those who have problems with the musculoskeletal system.

It is also important to consider the design of the pillow. You can buy a dog pillow with an interesting design that will have a photo and shape of your pet. Such pillows can be a great decoration for your home, so it makes sense to consider them carefully.