How to choose collectible handmade dirk or sword

How to choose collectible handmade dirk or sword

Every man with passion and genuine interest refers to the weapon. We can assume that it went even from antiquity, because the man was always armed with something. They were especially trembling with arms in the Middle Ages, because it could describe the owner: from status to lifestyle and profession.

The value of collectible weapons

Since the man’s weapon was always with him and was used everywhere, great attention was paid to the appearance of the blade. Today, the cult value of souvenir blades is only increasing. Men are still happy to buy a souvenir weapon or get it as a gift. We all understand the collectible value of cold weapons, but keep in mind that it is used not only as a souvenir, but also for combat missions. Traditional cold steel is currently used for historical reconstructions. Among the large range of gift weapons, you are able to choose exactly what you need. For example, handmade scottish dirk is a perfect choice for a real man who familiar with history.

Which cold steel to choose?

Such an original gift as a decorative edged weapon will look amazing in any interior. Moreover, it is difficult to make a bad choice, because all the blades are beautiful and unique. But you have to know that the type of blade can affect its price.

  1. Dirks. This is a cold piercing weapon with a straight short double-edged blade. For the first time dirk appeared in the XVI century. Special attention should be paid to those who are associated with the fleet and the sea, because today the dirk is part of the uniform of the navy of various countries.
  2. Swords. The sword associated with the knights of the round table. DO you want to emphasize the courage of men? – then this is what you need! The design of this blade is simple but effective. No wonder that the sword is considered a noble weapon that is not proper to hide. It’s not really easy to find some good collectible broadsword for sale, but internet can help you to do it.

Cold steel is a great gift

We know that finding a decent gift for a man is quite difficult. It has been verified that knives are one of the best gifts for real men. There are many reasons for this:

  1. The weapon has its own history;
  2. Souvenir blades carry collectible value;
  3. Many copies of decorative weapons are made by hand and are unique;
  4. Possession of exclusive weapons increases status;
  5. A good blade is the best interior decoration;
  6. Souvenir blades can be engraved to make the gift more personal.

And this is not the whole list of benefits. Quality blade will satisfy all tastes of men. That is why cold steel is a universal gift that can be presented to a husband, brother, distant relative, leader, colleague, and any real man!