How to attract Instagram followers?

How to attract Instagram followers?

If you want to attract more followers to Instagram, you need to use modern tools. In fact, Instagram has many features that you need to become familiar with. If you can learn these features, the issue of finding new followers will become easier and clearer. You should also buy instagram followers in the first step. After all, if you are going to attract followers to an empty account, the result will be much worse. People are more willing to subscribe to an account if it already has followers.

Comments on Instagram

By posting witty comments under other profiles’ posts, brands and bloggers discover new potential subscribers. Naturally, the higher the number of readers on the page where the comment is left, the more people will see it and pay attention to the author’s profile. This is a clever tactic for interacting with users, which popular brands and bloggers have long adopted. In addition, new Instagram algorithms now show the last two comments directly below the post. It’s hard to think of an easier way to promote an account than to hype it with comments on already promoted pages. A little trick: The easiest way to get users’ attention is to write something that most people disagree with and get them to argue with you.

Comments on social networks, forums and sites

You can also promote your Instagram account with comments on any other social networking sites. Share your opinion with the target audience under the video on YouTube or Facebook or any other place where you think people with similar interests can sit. Note that in this case you also need to unobtrusively mention your nickname or link to your Instagram profile in the comment. Preferably do it not in the form of spam, but as a suggested useful source of information.

Activity Chats

Two years ago, Instagram changed its ranking system. Now the posts in the feed are not displayed in chronological order, but according to their popularity and number of views. Accordingly, the more likes and comments you have, the more chances you have of making it to the top of the feed and attracting even more attention. In opposition to such a ranking system were invented activity chats, which are associations of bloggers for mutual promotion. Participants in such a chat room send it links to their posts and accounts to get likes and views, and in response perform similar actions. As a result, the post rises higher in the newsfeed and attracts the attention of the readers of the accounts of other chat participants.

Games for activity

An easy way to gain an audience is through activity games. This kind of game content is a clear trend. It includes tests, puzzles, mock predictions, likes-times and more. For example, likes-times, which allow you to collect a large number of comments, are at the peak of popularity. The essence of the activity is that the participant has to leave a comment, and then “like” the photo of the previous commenter, and so on to infinity. You can also make up games, do comment time, offer to solve a problem or guess a false fact. Any method that can motivate user activity on your posts is a good idea.

Mailing to a base

If you already have some sort of customer base, be sure to share links to your instagram profile with them. You can do a mailing with a link to your account on messengers, or you can send it out in corporate and personal emails. Keep in mind that your goal is to attract subscribers, not just bore customers, so in addition to the link the letter should contain something else interesting. For example, a bonus or discount for signing up and so on. That way you can attract more real instagram followers.