How not to be a newcomer to CS: GO

How not to be a newcomer to CS: GO

If you once gave more hours to Social-Strike than geography and biology, you are sure to be periodically covered by nostalgia for the times of battle glory. If after another news about the tournaments on CS: GO you still snapped and decided to play properly, do not get hot. First refresh your memory of the details of the game in order not to be a blatant newcomer to the new generation of fighters. Our CS: GO Guide for Beginners can help you with that. You can also find more useful information on the site CSGO NET.

Find the right PC

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive does not require anything supernatural from the system, but to play in the most comfortable conditions you should think about worthy components. Worthy doesn’t mean expensive, even an entry level video card will do. For example, GeForce GTX 1050. In addition to stable frame rates, you can count on optimized settings in the GeForce Experience and the ability to stream gameplay to Twitch and other platforms without performance degradation.

But you’d better take the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or 1060 with you. FPS, as you know, isn’t much. Still, all professional eSports athletes play on top computers. And the desire to try interesting modern hits will catch up with you anyway. If you want to relax from the CS:GO, with the powerful components you will have the opportunity to run any other game at high settings.

Configure the PC and the game

Never neglect to pre-configure everything you can configure – even if you have a top computer. Steam has a special PC optimization guide for comfortable gaming in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

There are a few basic recommendations:

  1. Change the screen resolution to 4:3 – the skins will be a little bigger and it will be more comfortable to shoot;
  2. Pay attention to the sensitivity of the mouse. Calibrate it so that the sight moves smoothly and quickly, but does not fly all over the screen. And remember that sensitivity will not replace the high resolution sensor (for beginners, the X7 mouse is the best choice);
  3. The sight itself can also be adjusted – you can customize the color, size and shape. It’s a small thing, but it can really help;
  4. Be sure to use headphones. They will help you to hear the sounds of firing, footsteps, grenade explosions and to navigate correctly in space;
  5. The keyboard does not play a fundamental role. Are you advised to buy some special model? Ignore it.

Choose a pair of your favorite maps

It makes no sense to try to learn (or remember) all the cards at once. Even if you manage to memorize successful positions on several locations, a huge number of details will still go unnoticed. The best option is to choose one or two maps. In a month or two, you will accurately study all the ways of retreat, reserve moves and convenient places for shooting your rivals.

The ideal card for Counter-Strike is De_Dust 2 – the pros agree that this is the ideal balanced arena. The first few dozen matches should be held here. And only after a comprehensive study of one location will it make sense to switch to another. One of the most popular shooters on the planet requires not only and not so much skills of marksmanship, but strategic thinking.

Play more

The first matches in any multiplayer game will hit your self-esteem seriously – the main thing is that your fist does not hit the monitor. Just do not forget that frequent death at the start is an inevitable thing. If you do not have a goal to become a cool player or a professional eSports, gather your friends on the server and play in a small and pleasant company. But if the desire to grow up in a real cyber monster does not give rest, you will have to play a lot and often on popular servers with experienced shooters. You can additionally study the most frequent questions here .