Home automation do-it-yourself

Home automation do-it-yourself

Recently, such a thing as a smart home has become quite popular. Not all people understand what is behind this concept, but many people want such a house for themselves. Smart home implies the presence of a certain automation, which allows you to make life more comfortable. The house will independently adjust certain home parameters depend to the weather conditions, time of day and many other factors. Such a house will be able to independently maintain a comfortable temperature, adjust the intensity of lighting under certain conditions and time of day. In fact, it can do a lot of things that will really simplify a person’s life and make it more comfortable. For all the processes responsible certain program that can be controlled from any distance. Convenience is that you can customize this program for yourself and your needs, which will provide you with extraordinary comfort. The application can be installed on your smartphone, and you can easily regulate a huge number of processes from anywhere. It is most convenient to exercise such control through another modern tool – a proxy server. You will have to buy dedicated proxies to make the control of smart house the most convenient for you.

Your ip address is at a certain risk and every time you connect directly to the network you risk

Especially if you take into account the fact that the house where the automation is installed can be controlled remotely and an outside person receiving this access can cause certain inconveniences. A proxy server is specifically designed to ensure anonymity on the network and to support a lot of other processes. Using a proxy server, all signals from your device will not be sent directly to the web-resources, but to the proxy server first. Only then they will get to the destination, but your ip will be replaced by the ip address of the proxy server you use. Thus, you provide yourself with a certain level of security in the Internet and you can safely enjoy all the amenities that a modern automated home system can offer. When choosing a proxy server, it is very important to pay attention to which network protocol it is running on. If the network protocol is HTTP, then you may still be at some risk, since your ip address will reach the proxy server without changes.

Accordingly, all your actions in the Internet will be stored in the archives of the proxy server and can be used by a dishonest provider. It would be best to turn your attention to the HTTPS network protocol, which provides your ip address with more protection. The proxy server using this network protocol does not receive your ip address as it is encrypted during the transmission of the request and reaches the proxy already in encrypted form. These network protocols are ideal if you have to work with web pages and websites, but if you intend to work through a proxy with various applications, then you should pay attention to a more optimal option. This is a network protocol Socks5, which is able to cope with all the necessary tasks. This network protocol is most popular now as it can close most of the tasks. You can also choose the country of proxy server. If you are from USA, the best choice will be to buy usa proxy.

Automation of the house can be done with your own hands, but the best option would be to invite a specialist who can do everything at the proper level and will advise you on how best to use all the possibilities that a smart home can offer. Of course, with the availability of the Internet, everyone is able to take care of everything himself, because there you can find all the necessary information.

But trying to do everything yourself you will not only spend a large amount of time, but also run the risk of doing something wrong and then you will have to call to a specialist who will correct the shortcomings. It is even more expensive than the original installation.