Buying property in Mallorca

Buying property in Mallorca

Crises come and go, and real estate in the Balearic Islands remains a constant measure of prosperity and a reliable investment. Property in Mallorca in recent years, not only has not declined in price, but has steadily continued to grow. The price of building plots in Germany has increased several times since 1998! And today it is more profitable than ever to buy a home here. Buying property in Mallorca will cost you sometimes cheaper than in many other developed European countries. And a paradise island where the sun shines for 300 days is always a great investment. The blessed climate of Mallorca, the extraordinary beauty of its nature, described by many famous writers, 250 pure white sand beaches, rich and exquisite cuisine with seafood delicacies and famous wines – all this attracts not only millions of tourists, but also wealthy people who want to have their own personal little paradise on earth. 

Why is it profitable?

The trend for real estate in the Balearic Islands has been at its peak for many years now. Own accommodation in Mallorca at low prices, compared to other European countries, corresponds to the highest level of comfort of living and is a successful object for private investment with minimal risk. A place to live in a prosperous country will also allow you, if necessary, to use local health care of high quality, will give the opportunity to start your own business with new start-up opportunities in Europe. But above all, your property in Mallorca is a secure property, protected by law. European experts recognise that owning a home in Mallorca is not only a pleasant purchase, but also a profitable investment. 

What is attractive real estate in Mallorca as an object for investment?

It is a guaranteed stable income. Despite the fact that real estate aging over time, its market value only increases. When you rent out a property, the investor gets an additional profit in the form of monthly rentals. The rent for the property, as well as the value of the property itself, increases every year. The rights of the investor (owner of the property) in Mallorca to rent out property are protected by law and these laws are strictly observed! Real estate investment is considered one of the few most secure investments! 

From renting out property in Mallorca your income will be at least 7% per year, from the sale – 10-13% of the value. Compared to stocks, income is not dependent on fluctuations in the securities market. Moreover, due to the large spread of rental housing in resort time (and it is 8 months a year!) Investment in real estate in the Balearic Islands is a win-win stable income. Therefore, even those who are already owners of real estate, often prefer again to invest free money not in paper, not in gold, and in “brick”, or as the Germans say – the main owners of the island property – in the traditionally stable “concrete gold”. It is known that many banks and financial corporations in Germany and England have real estate in Mallorca, as an investment, bringing a monthly stable income.

How to buy real estate in Mallorca

If you want to buy property in Mallorca safely, you should use this service This will give you the opportunity to be more careful when choosing a particular type of home and always count on you to have the opportunity to choose an excellent property for investment. So do not hesitate, it is time to look for a specific type of property, which may be the best solution for you, and conclude the deal.