Air conditioner maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance

Professional service is a guarantee of long-term and correct operation of your air conditioner. Maintenance of conditioners is a complex of diagnostic and preventive procedures on prevention of breakdowns and increase of term of operation of your system of air conditioning. Timely maintenance of air conditioners allows you to detect faults at an early stage and avoid major repairs in the future.

Air conditioners, like any other precision equipment, require timely maintenance by professionals. Without this condition it is actually impossible to keep long-term and reliable operation of the conditioner. We recommend to conduct aircon maintenance singapore at least once a year, before the season starts. 

But you should understand that in case of a warm climate and frequent use of air conditioner it is worth to conduct inspections more often. Otherwise you risk getting a conditioner breakage. In some situations a conditioner can completely break down and not be subject to repair. So, timely service gives you the opportunity to save money on repairing and buying a new air conditioner.

Dust is the main enemy of climatic equipment

Dust settles on heat exchangers of air conditioner. Being an excellent heat insulator it clogs filters, drainage, fan motor bearings, etc. As a result, energy consumption increases, the thermal balance of the refrigeration machine is disturbed, freon does not evaporate and as a result has a low speed in the gas line, which in combination with high oil viscosity at low boiling point prevents the return of oil to the compressor.

  • The compressor overheats strongly during operation.
  • Thermal decomposition of the oil occurs.
  • The result is jamming of the compressor.

The outdoor unit is located outside the building and therefore it exposed to rainfall, temperature changes, dust, fluff, etc., which causes power loss and general deterioration of the unit performance. Large flows of air passing through the heat exchanger lead to contamination. Dust and other debris is clogged between the ribs of the heat exchanger, resulting in a significant reduction in efficiency. The same is true for the indoor unit.

What consequences other than air conditioning failure can occur due to late service

As a result of air conditioner operation, moisture is produced in the form of condensate, as a result of which the heat exchanger, fan and drainage tray begin to be covered with fungus and mold:

  • An unpleasant smell is generated from the air conditioner.
  • The fungus and mold, getting into the air and then into the human respiratory tract, irritate them, cause inflammation and can cause allergic reactions.

Each owner of an air conditioner should remember that the responsibility for its technical condition and term of operation directly depends on how carefully the owner treats his equipment. Only the supervision of highly qualified personnel and timely maintenance of the air conditioner will help to avoid irreversible failure of your climate system.

Professional companies provide their customers with a wide range of services related to the maintenance of air conditioners. You can choose either one-time or periodic cooperation. It is generally accepted that the minimum frequency of air conditioner maintenance service is once a year, but this period may vary depending on the operating conditions. Maintenance of air conditioners can be annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly.