Advantages and disadvantages of solar panels

Advantages and disadvantages of solar panels

Today the advantages and disadvantages of the 100 watt solar panel allow us to talk about these energy sources as the most promising for the near future. Why is solar energy so good and what allows us to talk about the advantages of batteries not only for the home, but also for large enterprises and factories. This article is intended not only to highlight all the advantages, but also to reveal the shortcomings that are either kept silent by the manufacturers or are not disclosed during the sale.

Advantages of Solar Panels

  1. The very first plus is the inexhaustibility and accessibility of the energy source. The sun is almost anywhere in the world and in the near future, it is not going to disappear anywhere. If this source of energy disappears, then we will certainly not care about the question of where to get electricity.
  2. The second advantage of solar panels is their environmental friendliness. Every consumer struggling for the health of his home planet considers it his duty to acquire environmentally friendly energy sources such as a windmill or, in our case, solar panels. But here is the same as with electric cars. Batteries themselves are environmentally friendly, but in their production, as well as in the production of batteries, power plants and various conductors, toxic substances are used that pollute the environment.
  3. By the way, speaking about comparison with windmills, solar panels are much quieter. They generally make no sounds compared to noisy windmills.
  4. Battery wear is very slow, because there are no moving parts, unless you use drives in your system that turn the solar cells in the direction of the energy source. However, even with such a system, solar panels last up to 25 years and more. Only after this period, if the batteries are of high quality, their efficiency begins to drop and gradually they need to be replaced with new ones. Who knows what technologies will be in a quarter century? Perhaps the following batteries will be enough for the rest of your life.
  5. By installing such an energy source for your home, you will not think that the energy supplier will suddenly cut off your home from energy supply for technical reasons. You are always your own boss. More precisely, its electricity supply system. There is no problem either with a sudden increase in prices or with the transportation of energy.
  6. After your energy solar power station pays off, you will receive essentially free energy in the house. Of course, first for a certain period, you need to repel investments.
  7. Another advantage of solar power plants is the possibility of building up. The question rests only on the area available to you. It is the modularity of the batteries that allows you to freely increase the power of the system if necessary. You just need to add new solar panels and power them into the system. Although these advantages of solar power plants overlap with a significant problem, namely the need to equip large areas. We are talking about square kilometers of solar cells.
  8. The solar panel does not consume any fuel, which means you are not dependent on fuel prices, just as you are not dependent on fuel supplies. The advantages of solar panels are also in the continuous supply of electricity.

Disadvantages of solar panels

  1. The very first drawback is the need for initial large investments, which are not required with a conventional connection to a central power grid. Also, the payback period of investments in the power grid with solar panels is very blurry, because it all depends on factors that are not dependent on the consumer.
  2. Another drawback is the efficiency dependent on weather and climate. For example, solar panels lose their effectiveness during cloudy weather or in fog. Also at low temperatures, in winter, the efficiency of solar cells decreases.