5 Vital Home Tasks You Shouldn’t Try to Do Yourself

5 Vital Home Tasks You Shouldn’t Try to Do Yourself

It’s always good to have someone handy around the house. Tightening a loose washer in the sink, replacing a broken lock or installing a light fixture on your own saves both time and money. But many home-repair tasks require a trained professional.

Fortunately, thousands of trusted technicians and advisors at Sears Home Services are ready to help with many of your household needs—and they get the job done quickly.

1. Refrigerator Repairs

A fridge can end up on the fritz for any number of reasons, many of which are only revealed after removing its rear facing. Maybe the condensation pan is cracked and leaking, the condenser fan motor is malfunctioning or the start relay is faulty. Sears Home Services technicians can comb through the appliance’s complicated inner workings. They repair units manufactured by all major brands, including Whirlpool, G.E., Frigidaire and others. With access to millions of manufacturer-approved parts, Sears can take care of any of these issues quickly.

2. Roof Replacement and Installation

The view from your home’s roof may be nice, but such great heights are obviously not the safest place for a person to be. An experienced Sears Home Services roofing expert will put in place all the precautions they need. They’ll also determine the precise amount of materials required for the job—saving you money—while taking care to preserve your plants, garden and landscaping.

3. Heating and Cooling System Maintenance

A lot goes into keeping your home the perfect temperature. To ensure your heating and cooling system is working the way it should be, and avoid the dangers of trying to maintain your system on your own, it is critical that you have your system maintained regularly by a professional. Sears Home Services maintains and repairs air conditioning units, furnaces, ductless mini-split heat pumps, boilers and more. And, through our HVAC Savings Program™, every dollar you spend on HVAC repair or maintenance with Sears Home Services will earn you dollar for dollar credits to apply towards discounts on a new HVAC system someday, when you’re ready.

4. Window Replacement

Quality windows will keep your home cozy, and upgrading them requires much more than a measuring stick. Replacement windows make your home more energy efficient, acting as temperature regulators with no energy required. They can also reduce the impact of outside noise, brighten the interior, and enhance your home’s aesthetic value. Always budget-friendly, Sears Home Services installs vinyl replacement windows in a variety of styles, and they’re Energy Star® rated as well.

5. Riding Mower Maintenance

Just like your family car, your riding lawn mower needs to be serviced annually and sometimes repaired. With Sears Home Services, the technician comes to you. They will inspect and, if needed, replace air and fuel filters, examine the carburetor and belts, replace the oil, and more.

Sometimes it’s OK to leave your screwdriver, wrench and hammer in the toolbox. But for those big jobs, go ahead and book a Sears Home Services professional. They’ll get the job done quickly, work within your budget, and keep your home in tip-top shape.

Soource: https://www.searshomeservices.com/