5 Questions to Ask Before a Siding Replacement or Siding Installation

5 Questions to Ask Before a Siding Replacement or Siding Installation

Are you getting a siding installation and want to know what to expect and what your exterior siding options are? Watch our video for the top siding installation and replacement questions to prepare you for working with a siding contractor.

Are you getting new siding on your home? Ask these five questions before you choose a service provider.

1. What are my siding options?

The two most popular siding choices are replacement composite, which is made of recycled wood pulp, and vinyl.

2. What are the benefits of vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding is easy to install, virtually maintenance free and, because it doesn’t fade, it’s long-lasting. Oh, and did we mention vinyl siding costs are extremely affordable compared to other siding installation options.

3. What does the siding installation project entail?

Any rotten wood should be removed, and window and door openings should be sealed. Then the insulation board, siding and any accessories, like shutters, are installed.

4. Will there be a big mess with vinyl siding installation?

Yet another benefit of choosing vinyl siding is that it comes in large panels, which minimizes any project-related messes.

5. What should I do before the siding installation starts?

Make sure your driveway is clear, and move any outdoor furniture and equipment that could be in the way.

Don’t forget the interior — put away anything that could be damaged, including items in the garage and attic.

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